How to sell a product ?

Go to Le Seller Space at Create an account or log in. To be able to sell, you need to fill in your personal information, at least one address and a payment method. To put one or more products on sale, you must list the products that you own and that you wish to sell to us.

Once your products are listed, you just have to wait to receive our offers by e-mail. As soon as we look for one of your listed products, we will send you an offer e-mail. To finalize the sale, you must be the first to respond I agree to the offer in your seller space (offer tab). Your response guarantees that you accept the offer and that you have the product available to ship to us within 2 business days. If you were quick enough, you will receive a sales confirmation e-mail with the necessary documents and information. If you cannot or do not want to sell your product, you only have to refuse the offer by indicating the reason of your refusal.

If you were not quick enough, you will receive a new email telling you that we have found the product and that the offer is no longer valid. You can receive a new offer on this product when we look for it again, as long as it is listed on Le Seller Space.
You must check scrupulously the condition of your listed products to make sure they meet our quality and authenticity standards.

See our quality and authenticity standards.
Read and follow the shipping instructions.

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What do I risk if I don't respect the rules ?

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