How do you control the products ?

Our authenticity and quality controls are strict and we reserve the right to refuse your product if it is defective, shows signs of wear or if we doubt its authenticity. We invite you to check these different elements :

  • We do not accept any stains, traces (glue or other), scratches, color defect, and other visible defects on the pair.
Even if it is a manufacturing defect and you have received your product in this condition, you must send a product that meets our requirements.
  • We do not accept any product that has already been worn: even once, even just tried on.
  • Check that the size corresponds to the size of the product we are looking for.
  • We don't accept any damaged packaging: broken box, torn blister, etc.
  • All accessories must be present: laces, paper, labels, etc.
  • We scrupulously examine all the details of a product that can prove its authenticity, at the slightest doubt the product will be refused.
Do not hesitate to contact a member of our team if you have any doubt.
If one of these criteria is not respected, we will not be able to validate the transaction. You will be informed by e-mail (see this article). You will receive a payment link for an amount of 15€ per pair refused, corresponding to the shipping and return costs of your package, which we have taken care of. Your product will be automatically sent back to the shipping address without any possibility of change.

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