What do I risk if I don't respect the rules ?

As a seller, you must respect our rules in order for us to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Therefore, we ask you to respect the following points:

  • Send or drop off products by the deadline on the sales slip.
  • Do not forget to put the sales slip in each product package you sell to us.
  • Upon arrival of your product at our facility, the sale confirmation
    ( Upon arrival of your product in our premises, the sales confirmation allows us to confirm receipt and proceed with payment. In the absence of a sales confirmation for each product sold, we cannot guarantee that your product can be processed by our teams and a fee of 5€ may be applied to the payout for each oversight. )
  • Only sell products that you have at your disposal and that you have checked (see this article)
  • Do not ask to cancel your sales after confirmation (except for exceptions, when it is very quickly reported)
  • Be rigorous and professional
  • Respect the members of the team during your exchanges with us
If you do not respect these rules, we may send you a warning (strike).

For example, if you cancel your sale 4 working days after selling your product, you will receive a warning.

You can receive up to 3 warnings, at the 4th mistake, you will be permanently banned from our seller community.
You will receive a message by e-mail or messenger for each warning.

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