How do I prepare my package ?

We ask you to read and respect the following instructions :

  • Choose a shipping box that is the right size for the product(s).
The presence of a shipping box in addition to the product and its packaging is mandatory.
  • For each product sold, slip the corresponding sales slip into the product packaging (e.g. shoe box for a pair). Upon arrival of your products in our premises, these sales slips allow us to confirm the receipt of your products and to proceed with the payment.
Without a sales slip for each product sold, your payment will be delayed.
  • Protect the products from any shocks that could damage the product and its packaging during your shipment. You can use bubble wrap for example.
  • Seal the shipping box with tape and stick the packing slip on it (page 1 of the sales confirmation email attachment).
  • Ship your package: by scheduling a UPS pickup , or by dropping it off at a UPS .

If the above instructions have been followed and your product passes our quality and authenticity controls, you will receive your payment 2 business days after we have accepted your product.

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