How do I ship my product ?

Once your sale is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with PDF attachments that you must print.

Page 1: UPS packing slip, to be stuck on the shipping box (not on the shoe box or product packaging).

Page 2: Archive document containing the Waybill number you will need to schedule your package pickup by UPS.

Next pages: sales slip for each product sold.

To ship your product to us:

  • Print out the sales slip and the packing slip.
  • Slip the sales slip into the box or packaging of your product.
  • Protect your product and its packaging with a shipping box and stick the packing slip on the box (see this article).
  • Choose your UPS relay point or schedule a pickup at the address of your choice.

You must protect your product and its packaging with a shipping box to prevent damage during shipment. We reserve the right to refuse your product if it is damaged (see this article).

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