What is Express Payout?

Express Payout is the option that allows you to receive your payouts within 2 business days. You can choose to activate Express Payout for a specific transaction or automatically for all your sales,…

Updated 5 days ago by Jules

How do I activate or deactivate my express payout?

You can activate the option when creating your listing or when your sale is completed. We have also added a global preference that allows you to activate Express Payout for all your future sales dire…

Updated 1 week ago by Jules

What are the different payment methods ?

All payments are made once the quality and authenticity controls are done, 10 working days maximum after the reception of the products in our premises. We propose two types of payment: Bank transfer…

Tanguy Cerclier
Updated 1 week ago by Tanguy Cerclier

Why haven't I been paid yet ?

If you notice a delay in payment , i.e. a delay of more than 10 working days after the reception of your product in our premises, here are the steps to follow: Check that you have sent your package t…

Tanguy Cerclier
Updated 10 months ago by Tanguy Cerclier

How do I get paid on a different account ?

If you would like to receive your payments on several different accounts , you can create a new payment method in your Seller Space profile. You can select the payment method you want for each listin…

Tanguy Cerclier
Updated 2 years ago by Tanguy Cerclier